Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rifftrax Live did Godzilla.

Last week, the people from Rifftrax did a live riffing of the 90's horror for movies, Godzilla. In Godzilla, two hours are spent squandering a lot of money and a lot of potential.

Rifftrax felt it was it's turn to give the movie some kicks. I noted the run up to the event earlier (and if you want some MST3K nostalgia, check it out.) This week they've done an encore viewing for people.

The show was a fun time. It started much like ever live show does, with an introduction by the trio of Mike, Bill, and Kevin. We also got a short ad for October's next live event. Anaconda. It was an amusing ad that used some effects to show clips of that movie like it's a bad 70's grind house film.

Unfortunately they haven't made that ad available yet.

But their other reveal is available. A new introduction song and animation for all future Rifftrax releases. The animation comes from Harry Partridge. The music comes from Jonathan Coulton.

It makes for a silly way to introduce the concept of Rifftrax, the trio of riffers, and the catalog of riffed movies.

The show itself was enjoyable. I can't say it was my favorite riffing experience. A movie like Starship Troopers is already so ridiculous that the riffing is like frosting on top of the experience. Godzilla is more of a flat movie to me. Still, the trio on stage and their writing team helped create a very enjoyable night out. If you are a fan it is worth your time.

Of course, per Rifftrax tradition, they offered a plethora of jokes before the show even began. Enjoy a few I captured.

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