Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trailer In Short - Fresh Off The Boat, Selfie, and Galavant (and a little more)

Almost time for the Fall season to start...TV Shows still have seasons, right?

A lot of bad shows are coming. But might some of them, say from ABC, be any good? ...

...Just be sure to watch, Galavant, okay?

Fresh Off The Boat

You see, I always get nervous when I see and hear accents and cultural differences played up on a show. It has gone bad so often. But I want to try out some optimism some time. This might actually be an amusing show about two parents, from outside the United States, trying to make succeed in life and business, while raising kids that have only known the American experience. It looks like it's also borrowing it's structure from Everyone Hates Chris.

But I still have that reflex reaction that it will fall back on mockery. Still, the show seems to be based on an autobiography of Eddie Huang, and he's an executive producers. Maybe it has a chance to be the first sitcom since Margaret Cho's to present Asian American culture.

I do like this cast. There are way too few Asian actors on TV or in movies. I can't help, but hope they succeed. They just got to watch out for network meddling. Those suits can be freaking clueless.


Speaking of cluelessness...What the hell. When I first started watching this trailer I thought it was a badly made movie trying to modernize My Fair Lady. Then you realize that someone is trying to stretch that concept into a whole television series.


Add to that that the show feels so insulting (it seems to mock people that use social media), and dumb, and trite, and a waste of the two lead actors.

Honestly, John Cho finally gets to lead a show (after guesting on Sleepy Hollow for a season), and this is what he gets? And Karen Gillian? I hope your movie career is taking off. This show isn't making it through it's slate of episodes. ...Unless they've made a deal with the same demon that keeps Two and A Half Men on.

They look like they are trying, but, man! Give those two a better show!

Galavant - Freaking Galavant. We all have to watch this show!!!

This just looks fun. It has adventure, fairy tales, music, twist on old conventions, music, silliness...We just don't have shows like this anymore.

Granted a good reason we don't is that they can fall on their faces. But this just looks so promising. I guess with the success of Once Upon A Time and various musicals, someone at ABC said,"Eh, why not." Apparently it will be the midseason replacement for Once Upon A Time while it's on break.

Plus we get Timothy Omundson, who was last on the show Psych. He can be both amusing and menacing.

It will be great to see how they find the balance for humor, song, and story/adventure.

As it is, it kind of takes me back to the early 80's and another show (short lived), Wizards and Warriors.

It was silly fun. And you got Jeff Conaway, Julia Duffy, Clive Revill and Duncan Regehr. This needs to get to DVD (Oh wait, it is available to order.).

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Here's a video that humorously yet truthfully captures what Asian American actors face today: