Monday, August 11, 2014

Trailers in Short - Heroes Really Do Come In Different Shapes And Sizes Edition

There want be a drought on heroics in the theaters anytime soon. And some of them won't even be sequels or remakes! Let's meet the sweet hero of Big Hero 6, the return of the Ghostbusters, the guardians of 80's movies, the little heroes of The Hobbit. and some heroes in a half shell.

Big Hero 6

This was a movie that looked silly, but unclear, in it's teaser. With a bigger trailer it all looks more promising.

Coming from Disney (though it apparently comes from some subset of Marvel Entertainment) it in some ways reminds me of ParaNorman (at one point we see a collection of colorful characters racing around in van), among other movies. A kid genius and his ballonish automaton are being hunted by the villain. They live in a interestingly futurish city of San Fransokyo. I like it. It's a dreamlike world, at least my dreams.

Between the kid genius and the robot we seem to have amusing and engaging leads for this movie. It will be see what other characters join them in stopping the robotic menace.

Ghostbusters - 30th Anniversary

30 years since Ghostbusters came out...Sorry, just feeling old for a moment. Yeah, 30 years.

Any chance to see Ghostbusters in a theater is not to be missed. PKE's. Slime. Big Twinkies.

Also, screw you Venkman.

Guardians of the Galaxy

No. I actually am one of the few people that haven't gone to this movie yet. I know!

But I was really keyed to see this, being a fan of the guardians for years now. Then I got inundated with ads for the movie, particularly online, before and in the midst of and at the end of videos. And then I got hit with that weird karaoke ad, with the guy spinning and jumping around in front of a screen showing clips. It was just too much, and also matter to hit the button in my head that ticks me off. Suddenly I was not so keen to see the movie.

I'm not an idiot. I will see the movie, but I need some space between the last time I saw that ad, and seeing the movie. A palette cleaning.

Plus side, I am not going to have over the top expectations for the movie. Awesome sauce!

Now this trailer. The movie looks so promising. A mix of some 80's sensibilities, astute humor, and Marvel Space Heroes. I do love the Marvel Space Heroes. It's too bad a chunk of them are being held with the Fantastic Four and X-Men. So no Surfer, Galactus, or Shi'ar (Not sure who had the Skrulls.). But the Kree and other players in the Guardian of the Galaxy book may appear.

My only qualms. I can't help notice that they take time in many of the Guardian trailers to show Gamora either dressing or undressed. Maybe that won't reflect on the movie, but I can't help but be worried she might be turned into the romantic trophy of Star Lord. Maybe they'll have more respect for the character's own journey.

The other issue I have comes from all the ads. I had one short one also loop recently, with Rocket Raccoon doing his forced laugh at Star Lord. See that ad a few...several times over an hour and you may get aggravated. Suddenly you wonder, "Will this character be annoying and grating in the long run?" He is played by Bradley Cooper. I don't think I have any issue with him...but he did appear in every Hangover movie (something I hold against everyone that appeared in those movies). I hope he won't prove to be the weak link.

We'll see when I get around to reviewing the movie.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

It's almost here. The last (honest) movie in the Lord of the Ring line of films (unless someone has the balls to make the Silmarillion into a 10 movie epic) will arrive with the dust of approaching forces. I may be one of the few eager for yet another Tolkien movie. But I am eager. And I'm eager for the extended versions to (I am sick.).

Finally we get to see the epic meeting of the opposing forces of the day. Greed grips the dwarves. And few others aren't driven my want of there own. And as people get set in their demands, no one will likely be able to find their happy ending.

So many moments I can't wait to see brought to life.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I will admit it. I am shocked by this trailer. Going off this ad, the turtles all seem to have actual and sound personalities. It looks like they will face a serious threat that will test their fighting skills.

It could be a legitimately good action movie, and TMNT movie.

But the dread and doom of Michael Bay floats over this movie. He didn't direct, but he influences and picks the people who worked on it.

Yes, TMNT is an all around silly idea. Yes, it's earlier movies and shows were silly. But they are also rewatchable. Will this be the same?

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