Sunday, November 02, 2014

Citizens wielding the mighty hammer of the vote. *UPDATED*

In case you haven't gotten the hint from all the political ads, it's almost an election day.

In our country money has a lot of sway. Money can get access. Money can take hold of the airwaves at this time of year.

But, in the end, those people chasing donations are doing so for one reason. To convince you to vote for them. OR, convince you to not bother, to give up.

Lewis Black has been supporting efforts to get people out to vote, and to fight vote suppression.

The reality is that conservatives have had an interest in scaring away legitimate voters. And they've worked hard to keep them away.

Right now Mitch McConnell has been caught sending out letters in his state, attempting to scare away voters that might not be sure about their status.

This is not new. They've been making efforts for years. They've sent other false letters out to confuse voters about time and place of voting. They've shifted poll sites. (In South Dakota, one county has set the only early voting site half an hour away from the major population center, in a tiny town. And the county refuses to spend on of the election funds to open a site on or near Crow Creek, It's meant to keep Native Americans from having their voices heard.) They've limited funds to more liberal polling stations. They've moved to make it harder to vote if you aren't in the right demographic.

They don't want us voting.

And all of our votes matter. The school board has an impact. The state legislature has an impact. And we all need to be heard, even in long shot battles for office. Otherwise, people can just assume there is no real opposition.

As it is, many races are on a knife's edge. We can push them one way, or let things slide the other. A lot of damage could be done with this years GOP machinations. Abortion rights are at risk in North Dakota. Voting matters.

And the GOP and Conservatism relies on our apathy for their success.

Every bit of damage they've done, every minute of inaction they've sewed, can not be rewarded.

This Tuesday we have a chance to be heard, and if you have early voting you can be heard earlier.


A reminder of the attitude to the American:

"Go back on Tinder or"

A FOX News host to women, who she felt didn't even deserve the right to vote if they weren't voting conservative. It's not the first or last time this view is taken towards women voters. Or black voters. Or Hispanic voters. Or...

They are scared about you voting for a good reason. You can change things.

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