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Friday the 13th on Halloween the Halloween! - Episode 5 - Hellowe'en

We've done cursed comics earlier this month but now it's time for...CURSED HALLOWEEN!

Or rather, a magic amulet...But it's really about Halloween.

So  let's get into Friday the 13th the Series, and...


It's Halloween time in the world of Friday the 13th, Ryan has had a brilliant idea.

Throw a party at the shop. Invite all the neighborhood locals, and show them that the shop is perfectly safe and normal.

This is as promising as you'd think. Cursed items. Drunk party goers. But most of the people are there to have a good time.

"I can assure you ladies that at no point have I groped you."

This includes Micki, Ryan, and Jack.

But two of the party goers are idiot. They sneak off to the basement. There they screw with the electricity for a laugh. Then they screw with a crystal ball they find.

While they are caught by Ryan soon enough, (Messing with the electricity was bound to bring attention.) the damage is done.

It seems that since it's Halloween, the barriers between realms are weak, and this has drawn something's attention.

A force has been drawn to the shop. And it has a plan.

The ceiling starts to give and a loud noise rises.

Someone turned on Nickleback.

It let's Jack think it's driven it out.

"Foul demon! Kiss my pinkie! Kiss it!!!"

Then, it draws Jack away. In a guise as a child, a minion/friend of the main threat takes Jack into a trap.

And the trap is sprung.

And the demon laughs at his plight.

Now he's got figure a way out. But he does that pretty quick, being the old wizard.

Then the main threat appears. Uncle Friday! ...I mean Uncle Lewis. He's trying to free himself from Hell, but needs his niece and nephew's help.

"Ebeneezer Sc...Oh, it's you guys. Hey, how's the shop?" 

But he'll need a special item to be freed. The Amulet of Zohar. And to get that he'll need to trick them.

Now I'm not sure what's wrong with wanting to escape Hell, unless it's important to you for people to face divine punishment.

But wanting a do over isn't that evil. If he's an actual evil bastard that will hurt people to get what he wants...And actually, that's a question for this episode. Is he evil?

He reveals to them a secret area of the store. It looks to be a hidden apartment. The area is cool and quite old fashion.

He shows them a woman that looks dead.

"I like...watching."

He explains that she was his wife Grace, and he murdered her, after a fashion.

He explains that he's able to be in the world until dawn, and he wants a chance to make things right. He wants to undo Grace's fate.

But he needs the Amulet of Zohar. And that's locked away in the vault.

Cursed rabbit pendant. And now you know where the Easter Bunny
comes from.

Yes, This is our cursed MacGuffin for the episode. It is a means to make one mortal again. It just takes a little something extra, as we'll see. Though the rabbit motif is odd.

They worry about giving him one of the cursed items, but decide that he can't cause any harm in his state. So they get the amulet and try to save Grace.

"What? I'm a guy who made a deal with the Devil, then tried to cheat him.
What were you expecting from me?"

But in a flash of light, Uncle Lewis is whole again, and he grabs away the amulet. He makes a run for it.

Actually, he proves to be quite powerful now. He shoves Ryan across the room on his way out. Though I've seen a lot of people toss him about. (He's like the Lt. Worf of this show.) I wonder if this is a matter of being between life and death? Or is it a matter of having the amulet?

Micki and Ryan race to try and figure out what has happen.

"Ryan? This script is making any sense!"

They figure that the amulet allows a transfer of a soul to a dead body. A body that dies of natural causes.

As far as cursed items go, it's not too bad. You can't kill someone. But you can inhabit a form. Maybe it's a matter of too much or horror, or too many comic books, but the idea of inhabiting a dead body doesn't sound that horrific.

Ryan quickly figures that Lewis is heading to a morgue. They start with the closest one.

And that's where Lewis ran to. He's perusing the bodies with his demon buddy,

Like a kid in a candy shop.

Then he starts a ritual to enter the body he's chosen.

Every resurrection has to start with a hazing of the new body. It's magic law.

Micki and Ryan aren't sure what to do. The end up trying to distract them.

That just gets them caught, 

and almost killed.

Luckily Jack escapes him trap, and gets to them.

Now Jack will take on Lewis. Mostly it's a delaying tactic.

Wizard Chant Battle

Micki and Ryan will again take on the demon. That's mostly a fleeing tactic.

"Okay, you have to close your eyes and count to 100 now,"

Jack is able to distract Lewis in the wizard's battle until it's too late for him.

And the demon? Somehow...somehow she loses her fight.


Yeah. She throws a chair at the duo. The chair breaks, and then, off screen, the demon trips and falls on the broken chair. It accidentally drives a piece of wood through it's own heart. ...I thought that was for vampires. And...really?

Victory is our teams. But, what?!
"I still don't get it." "No one will."

What happen?


The episode was one did enjoy, back in the day. It's a Halloween story, which I always loved, and love.

It also reintroduces Uncle Lewis. And I always had a sense of his being evil. But when I rewatched the pilot, Lewis doesn't seem that ominous. He's more a sad fool.

But this episode is the one that shifts him into evil. He doesn't try to immediately harm his family, or Jack. But once they are trying to stop his ritual, the gloves are off. In fact, as the episode goes on he shifts more and more into the mustache twirling baddie.

But this sets up his status for the rest of the series.

The rest of the story is dodgy. What happen to Grace in reality? Was everything in the hidden room an illusion? How about that cage Jack was stuck in? Is it all magic?

And the demon? Where did it come from? Did Lewis just make a friend in Hell? And did it honestly die by tripping and falling on a broken chair? Really?!

So many questions.
  • Will Uncle Lewis return?
  • What are the odds we'll see that hidden room again in the show? 
  • Again, what was the deal with Greta the Demon?

We may never know. ...Well, we'll see about the first one.

Still, next time we'll get a more enjoyable tale of bloody murder and creepy curses. Beware the scarecrow!

But if you want to take a look at this episode...

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