Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Trailers In Short - The Tunes and Toons Edition

It's the time of year when we need some childlike fun, and some merry songs to tide us through blustery cold days.

Time for some fun from LEGO's take on the heroes of the DC Universe.Time for the five armies to meet. Time for Snoopy to...do whatever he does, And it's time for some song and dance with a musical witch. And, Galavant, again.

LEGO Justice League Vs Bizarro League

Ah. Another LEGO film. I have so far found the DC animated LEGO films to be quite fun. I like their take on the pantheon of heroes. The humor,animation, and characters feel like they all work together. (Honestly, the Marvel ones haven't worked as well for me. They just feel too goofy.)

But this time out we get a turn with Bizarro. And Bizarro has decided to create some friends. So that means, after so many, years, we get a look at Bizarro's take on the Justice League again.

I don't think I've seen any of them since the days of the Super Friends. I guess they've brought them back in some forms at times.

Though the logic of the Bizarro's is tricky. Do everything opposite. It's hard not to do without being very silly. They've turned more to be more tragic to me in recent years. Bizarro ends up being a strange confused unwanted outsider.

But that's why it's more fun to use the concept with LEGO, where everything can be tongue in cheek!

But I don't think we've had a Bizarro World for awhile. It's supposed to be a square duplication of Earth. Sometimes it seemed it had some variety of people. But often it was a lot of Superman duplicates (Hence why you often Bizarro with a "No. 1" medallion around his neck. He's the original and worst.)

But then you had the team.


So we get a tale of them being created from LEGO, and how they end up helping the Justice League against Darkseid. We get to see the value of a Bizarro.

It sounds like fun.

And how can I now resist adding the DC Nation short with Bizarro?

The Hobbit:The Battle of the Five Armies

Now we get to the final battle of this trilogy. One of the epic and critical event of Middle Earth history. The Battle of the Five Armies.

I am eager to see how it will unfold, seeing as the story has been tweaked a bit in the last two films. I also am looking forward to seeing the most powerful magic users all come out on the field to face down the Necromancer.

Hey, I love this stuff.

The Peanuts Movie

I don't know. Am I supposed to be horrified or outraged at this? Overall I'm neutral. We don't see much of anything.

Yes. They are doing 3D. But I've seen them tweak the style of these and other classic comics for years now. It's sometimes horrible. It's sometimes actually decent.

My only doubt is the idea of stretching Peanuts into a full length movie. They usually feel stretched at 30 minutes. But if they are giving a lot of the characters room to play and develop stories...maybe it can work.

Into the Woods

I honestly know nothing about this. I have never seen the musical. I have never heard the soundtrack.

So...I am all up for a fun fairy tale musical...

Peter Pan Live!

There is, for some reason, something so strange about how they are playing out a live musical nationally on basic cable. It's been done before, but it seems odd. It must be my innate cynicism.

Peter Pan is a classic though. It's hard not to know a lot of the songs.

Still, Christopher Walken as Hook? Are we sure this isn't a Christmas Panto from the Lower East Broomley Children's Care Center? ...Eh, good for him.

But what was with the closeups of the lady playing Tigerlilly? Weird.

Galavant (Again.)

We're almost to the winter break for the Fall shows. So it's almost time for Galavant to come on. Be ready.

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