Friday, July 11, 2008

Crackers Do Matter???


The cracker doth continue to crumble!

No it does not involve include the stolen Wafer +1 (with a its special summoning spell). Apparently the student was pressured enough to surrender the holy cookie of blandness so it could be reverentially choked on with a sip of cheap wine. Amen.

No, matters have moved, to Minnesota of all places. As I noted in the previous post, PZ Myers decided to comment on this story and the events involved. Who could resist? He even wondered how he could acquire his own everlasting Christ snack.

That was not wise.

Not really. But when you are dealing with a lot as humorless as Cathollics have chosen to be, more and more these days, you are going to be looking for trouble. Espsecially when you have become noted. And with Bill Donohue (A man who no doubt has a encyclopedic index just for his enemies list.), there is nothing that is not worth pitching a fit over. Chocolate Jesus, start pitching? Cracker-gate, a pitching we will go. And if a noted critic dares…dares…quip about seeking a holy cracker, he will pitch a a whole camp for war.

And PZ Myers faces that. He is getting threats, and some suggest death, an all too Christian battle cry, sadly. But he has taken that before from Christ’s Cranks. As he has also had his universities president contacted with demands he be fired from his teaching post. How dare he, on a private blog, be honest about his identity and also criticize Catholicism. You are just not allowed to do that. I am sure the Church is just as upset when he critiques other religions, or pseudoscience. I’m sure. PZ Myers has given email and mail addresses, if you would care to express your thoughts to the president, pro or con, on the matter. Please feel free.

And as I said in the last post, all this does is make those Catholics and like religious sorts with their underpants in a knot look like fools. They look like puffed up, pompous twits of the first order. This started out silly. But the Church has made it a tale of small petty people trapped in their triffling little myths. FYI, if your picture is taken, you souls are not taken. Granted, the soul is a made up construct.

Bill Donohue is a dope. Why would American Catholics just blindly follow him into this?

Ah, right. Practice.

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