Friday, July 25, 2008

Going after your own

Cause sometimes you have to.

Atheist Experience did this with a guy who is proud of being an atheist and who is proud to have gone on a rather loud an obnoxious attack. He went after a stupid bumper sticker on Ray Comforts site and made the stupid threat of a lawsuit over it.

That makes us all look good, huh?

And as the Atheist Experience noted, even though they agreed and removed the product, they now have a new series of shows. About how mean and psycho atheist are over a bumper sticker (And, yes, the irony will be lost on them.). About how understanding they are and how their all know the schtick.

So it is just ammo for evangelicals with no return, no real point or argument for reason. Empty.

So the guy deserves a smack to the head.

Now, he is free to do what he wants. But we are free to think him a schmuck.

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