Friday, July 18, 2008

It must be completely different.

As was noted back in March, and again now:

McCain is already on the verge of breaking U.S. campaign finance laws by busting the spending cap. He's been having trouble raising money in the U.S., too. But, this borders on the absurd:

Sen. John McCain plans at least one campaign event on his week-long congressional trip to Europe and the Middle East: a March 20 fundraiser in London. An invitation sent out by the campaign says the luncheon will be held at Spencer House, St. James's Place, "by kind permission of Lord Rothschild OM GBE and the Hon Nathaniel Rothschild." Tickets to the invitation-only event cost $1,000 to $2,300. Attire is listed as "lounge suits."
It seems no one really cared that McCain, was using this trip to show off and grandstand on how greet he would be as president (Joe Lieberman, his staunch and true cheerleader - this was the trip where McCain had one of his Sunni/Shia stumbles) and then meet with a member of a foreign government to get cash to take home. No biggie.

But why this then?

Given that, McCain's latest swipe at Obama is even more absurd:
Republican presidential candidate John McCain said on Thursday he believes Democrat Barack Obama's upcoming trip to Europe is tantamount to holding political rallies abroad.
So, it was okay for McCain to hold political fundraisers abroad? McCain's a hypocrite. But, the traditional media loves him, so he gets away with it.
I wonder what is different. Hmm.

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