Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fricking Heck

Well, another computer has decided to go potty on me. Thankfully, unlike the standard operating procedure of leaving a completely fragged computer, this just has needed to be restored to the factory state. But it does mean all the documents, pictures, and videos I was keeping on it are kaput. So begins the process of re remembering passwords, and finding the software. Thankfully this is happening before I built up data and documents for my current class, so I can focus my ire and nerve on what is yet to come in those classes.

But one bigger annoyance is the loss of all the podcasts I have saved and have been going through the last few weeks. As usual, I grabbed up more than I can handle (they keep mounting up). So I am trying to remember those, that aren't on the iPod at present. But while it seems to take ages to re download them all, they are offering interesting bits, which I will want to comment on. I have been grabbing a mix, some science, some tech, some gaming fun, history, and a bit of woo. You have to take some time for some silly woo, just to see how off kilter they are, and listening to them on podcast really gets you that view.

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