Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trailers in Short - Animals Want To Eat Your Face Edition

Welcome to the world of animals. As a rule, animals are awesome. Tiny bugs building a megalopolis. Whales or Sharks herding prey. Birds navigating vast distances. Dogs giving up their derp face.

And then there are the movies. Forget all that stuff above. Animals. Want. To. Eat. Your. Face.

Big Ass Spiders! Zombeavers! Squirrels!

...And more, of course.

Big Ass Spiders!

Giant spiders. Such a B-Movie staple. We got a zany central duo trying to stop them.

I can take comfort at the fact it seems fully aware that it's silly, and runs with it.


...Do we even need to talk about this one? Didn't they pick THE title? It like slapping a Sharknado in the face.

This will be a dumb movie. But that's the point with these, isn't it? It follows in the legacy of movies like Shark Night, Grizzly, and Cabin Fever (which shares producers with this movie).

But if it's what you are looking for...Could be a ridiculous night out with some friends.


...You know, I was finding it hard to believe this isn't a joke. But it does seem to exist, to some extent. It's from the maker of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was also a "Pre-Sale" trailer. So I guess he's trying to get someone to buy the movie.

So be warned! This movie may be coming for you soon!

And for some added fun, a classic of animals gone bad. ...No, it's not The Birds. It's Black Sheep. ...No I'm not making a crack about Chris Farley.

And how about a little palette cleansers?

Not all animals are out to kill you. Some just struggle to get off the blanket and onto a coffee table. Puppy life can be grueling.

Too Cute: Climbing Corgis

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