Friday, April 25, 2014

Trailers In Short - Dystopic Battle Jam

In a world where movie voice over guys rule the world...One man has all the answers, and has chewed all the bubblegum. One woman wishes it was Tuesday, so she could take the day off. And one plucky kid better get off the computer before his parents ground him...Looking at you.

Dystopic futures. Grim battlegrounds, war torn cities, and nasty heartless governments...I am talking about the future, right? ...Still, it's always an option for movie makers, as long as some urban center in the world is suffering an economic downturn. And this year we've have a new dented rusted batch...From the crappy future! Edge of Tomorrow. The Purge: Anarchy. Battle of the Damned.

Edge of Tomorrow

I was going to have good things to say about this trailer. The first 80 seconds made me hopeful. (Even with Cruise warning he has important news, and the fleet of planes flying, I was avoiding ANY Scientology jokes.) It starts with a future war. And Tom Cruise is playing a recruit is looping through time, again and again.

That could be interesting. A man out of time. Stuck in a grim war. A horrible loss coming. But this odd loop he's in may hold the answer to ending the conflict. Interesting Science Fiction premise.

Then it starts turning into a action packed "Run! Tom! Run!" movie. It feels duller by the end of the trailer. A tacked on romance to boot. It is such a Tom Cruise movie.

The Purge: Anarchy

The first teaser came out and I was underwhelmed. The first movie didn't do much. And the new teaser suggested a story about a couple running through a city gone wild...But...There was a flurry of clips near the end that showed a wider view of this Purge world. And you had to wonder.

So this movie is looking more and more complicated, if we're lucky. It might actually be a series of experiences from different perspectives that are drawn together in the narrative. It could actually give an interesting look at this world, and how it really functions. Hunters. Prey. Rich. Not rich. People out for vengeance. People who order take out victims.

You know, in the first teaser, there was a quick clip that looked like some rich people readying to kill a family member. It made me wonder. What if you did a country manor murder mystery in this world. All these rich people lock themselves away, safe from the rabble. Then someone is killed. It wouldn't say much about this world, but it would be an odd play on this concept.

Still, this movie may be a good sequel. Or it may be a poorly made mess. I hope to hear good things.

Battle of the Damned

Dolph Lundgren fights zombies. ...What? Do we need more reason to watch a movie?

Okay. Did I mention the robots? They also fight the zombies.

Dolph. Zombies. Robots. Fighting.

Come on! How do you not rent that at least once?

Sure, he's on a rescue mission in a cut off city. It's borrowing heavily from Escape From New York, but...Dolph, Zombies, and Robots...?

I think nothing more needs to be said.

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