Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trailers in Short - Horror Rises On the TeeVee

Isn't it time for some horror? It feels like that. So let's look at some upcoming shows to that mysterious medium of television. Some Victorian Penny Dreadful, angsty Salem, and...something a but lighter.

...Okay, it's Gravity Falls.

Penny Dreadful

A Victorian world where the likes of Dorian Gray and Victor von Frankenstein (and his Monster) roam London?

Well, somebody knows how to get my attention. Add to that the idea of pulling from the ideas of the authors of the period (like Stoker and Wells), and it could be an interesting ride. (With Stoker you can get far more than a certain vampire. Mummies should be in play to.)

And the proper trailer does amp up the creepy odd vibe the show looks to want to offer up.

Then add to that having Timothy Dalton in the cast. You also have Josh Hartnett in the cast as an American gunslinger with a dark past.

Granted they also put out a video looking at Dorian Gray and the character Brona Croft (played by Billie Piper). And it went into this area of a possible love triangle with them and Hartnett's character. That almost turned me off the show. (But that is just my attitude, and not everyone's I'm sure.)

But if one aspect keeps me pumped...


Eva Green playing a prophetic mystery woman. ...Damn. Someone is siphoning ideas out of my mind.

Eva Green in any role always promises something fun. Even in crappy productions. The boon of interesting people.

So I will have to give this show a shot. Timothy Dalton. Eva Green. Frankenstein and the gang. How can I resist.

...Well, if it turns out to be crap I may manage to resist...


And starting tonight, Salem.

Salem. Witches. Witch hunters. And disturbed women used to sniff out witches...

It's trailer looks weird, off putting, and creepy. I should be more intrigued. But, as I mentioned in my Sleep Hollow reviews, Salem was a thing. It wasn't a myth, a tale, a play, lr joke. It was real. People were killed. People were hurt. People's lives were destroyed.

So it always bugs we some when it gets turned into something legitimate. (Granted, in blatant fictional works.) At least it seems the idea may be that the trials are being used to go after the wrong people.

The show feels on one hand like very much a soap opera, which I'm not fond of....Except, when you coat it in something I more enjoy. Downtown Abbey had a good balance of it's sides for two seasons. And I have seen some good and some ridiculously good supernatural soap operas. They can be fun.

So I guess I'll have to give this at least a couple of episodes. This could be bad, and worse for it, no Eva Green.

And for a little more horror, on a less horrible scale.

Gravity Falls

Hey. Come on. Two shorts they put online, where they hunt for monsters.

If you haven't watched Gravity Falls yet, get a taste now. NOW!

"That Thing"

"The Hide-Behind"

"The Mail Box"


And The Tooth

That last one isn't great? Come on!

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