Sunday, April 12, 2009

The attack on marriage equality.

You have probably heard about the group with the ad out making dramatic and ridiculous claims about the looming gay marriage and gay agenda. It seems choice will be taken away...somehow, though of course these religious sort crying about choice is hilarious. Also they make cross the law, which apparently is a serious concern, particularly for priest and preachers who want to rant and rail again "those" filthy so and so's.

As AMERICAblog pointed out, you can find an interesting video for the group who made this, auditioning the "real" concerned citizens needing to speak. Hilarious.

They're running ads telling the stories of "real" people who have been "hurt" by gay marriage. Too bad someone found the audition tapes for the ads - you'll get to see lots of real actors telling the same "personal" story over and over and over. These people are pathetic. If there are so many "real" people hurt by our civil rights, then why do they have to hire actors at all? Because it's all a big lie, brought to your during Holy Week, of all things. Amazing.

HRC got their hands on the audition tapes - you can see them via the link above - I also took the tapes and cut and pasted them with the actual commercial, so you can watch how duplicitous these people really are.

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