Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mr. Deity is coming back


I recently got an update to my iTunes subscriptions for Mr. Deity. Here it is on their YouTube channel.

Yeah! Season 3 of Mr. Deity, a web series taking witty shots at a supreme being and religion. I can't wait. They are promoting items they have for sale, which is fine if it helps keep the show going. But I wince every time I see fun apps for iPhone and I, like most the world don't have either. Some of us just have a classic or Zum (or however that is spelled). And most of us can't afford to jump to a new phone service or really expensive phone...But it i nice for some people. I might get the CD, being a slavish fan.

Still, as we wait for more Mr. Deity they are also doing a second series in parallel. It is called Words, and looks at the actors from Mr. Deity in a more real world setting. As some of noted, it is akin to Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Here are the first 3 eps that are available.

Some are saying it is available on iTunes through the podcast's section, but I can't find it, and a name like Words isn't helping. If anyone knows how to find it on iTunes, please share.

The Official Mr. Deity Page

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Mr. Deity said...

Thanks for the post. The good news is, we've gotten so many comments from people who don't have iPhones (like you), that we're going to do the "Smile-A-Day Calendar" as an email as well (or instead of -- there's a possibility that we may nix the iPhone app altogether in favor of the email).
Also, at this point, you should be getting "Words" as part of your iTunes Deity podcast. Mr. D.