Friday, April 17, 2009

Right wing secedes from sanity

OR How I took a permanent vacation from reality.

Have you seen these Republ...Conserv...POPULIST...yeah, that's the ticket.

What aren't they doing these days...that's sane.

A major news organization is fomenting revolt.

Limbaugh started out the pirate/hostage situation declaring Obama a coward, then when it ended with the hostage free and the hostage takers dead or captured, he was pissed and belligerent to any conservative who gave the administration ANY credit. Then he came up with a new tact. How dare Obama murder black teenagers. Yeah, last train to Nutterville is pulling into the station. With another attack already, and more to come it is doubtless that Rush readies to weep for these poor folks. (Now I have sympathy for the plight in Somalia, but Rush is plainly just trying to find some way to bitch and moan.

Then there's Pat Robertson. He wants to cripple the DHS. That's right those folks who are in charge of watching the border and preventing terrorist events in the US, he wants to disrupt there work. God bless him, by which I mean he should take Pat and do to him what many priests have done to kids. In the wake of the Right Wing threat file being leaked he is pushing people to jam there phone lines, the lines that people use to get through with warnings of suspicious activities and items they have spotted. Sharp thinking Pat, you'll show them, you'll show us all...Nut job.

Oh, yeah AND TEXAS wants to secede!

Isn't that right Rick Perry?

He has tried to back away since. But he also seems to be hemming an hawing. Way to be the governor of a state. Between the attacks on atheists, this, and well so much of your work you really are trying to outshine Palin as a first class twit. Good job.

But not to worry Tom Delay stuck his head in to. He gave Texas a great scenario to get Congress to secede from them. I just can't wait for the death watch between Perry, Delay, and Chuck Norris for rulership of the nation of Texas. Norris is getting older and no one fights dirtier than a politician.

But there is still more. Guess who else decided he needed to be heard on this? Rush! Ah-ah!

... And now they have a clip for Rush getting on the bandwagon too. From it seems like the Republicans, now centered heavily in the South, have found their issue to come back into power in the US -- building up a head of steam to leave the country altogether.

Nutters, nut jobs, and wackos all around. The Republican leadership and voices. Now, how are going to screw this up?

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