Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blog against Theocracy

Another mass blogging type of time. Now it is blogging against theocracy. Now who wouldn't want that...other than people who see they have power through religiously charged arguments, antiquated laws, and the exclusion of the other that doesn't embrace their magic sky pixie.

I wanted to get to it earlier, but I am now, and, hey, it is Easter Sunday. Meaning things are closed down and it is a pain to travel and know what shops and resources are available, here in the states. Heck, have you seen the online petitions around. Apparently those evil bastards at Dollar General are open on Sundays. Damn them! Don't they know they made baby Jesus cry? How dare we all not just shut down and fall to the ground a pray all day. Now, sure, it is an online petition, but I for one still live in a country that, depending on the county and city, I may not be able to buy hammers, shoes, etc. Should I even go into trying to buy liquor? Now I don't drink, but it has pissed me off for years just on principal.

Thankfully I can go to places like Sioux Falls now and actually buy a bottle of wine.

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