Wednesday, April 01, 2009



I have been in a quandary this hour. I turned on SciFi (soon to be SyFy...really.) and there was Ghost Hunters. It annoyed me so I went up one channel to History Channel, there I found UFO Hunters, that annoyed me more. I went back down and hit Ghost Hunters again, and there began a tedious game of ping pong between two annoying shows.

Ghost Hunters, yeah a barely audible sound on an EVP that when you max out the stereo and put your ear to the speaker...might...maybe, sound like "Juan." Sure.

Then over to UFO Hunters, where they chase a story of a UFO dumping some debris into some water. By the end they prove that a freak crash of a AF plane could have...maybe...possiblly been caused by slag, that the researchers found examples of, that maybe was taken onto the plane and a freak event...and they are thrilled. Where is any indication that if this slag was on the plane that it came from aliens? Oh yeah, the eyewitness stories still shared to this day...YEESCH.

Back to Ghosties, look a camera on a stand moved...GHOSTS!!! ..I wonder if Discovery Channel has on A Haunting? Oh great, the Scariest Places on Earth is on next.

I think I have to put something sane on now. Mmmm...where's that QI at?

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