Saturday, October 03, 2009

Conservatives: Whose side are they on?

It seems Press Secretary Gibbs had it right. Whose side are they on? And by they I mean so many of the conservatives in this country.

Conservatives had always had a creepy relationship with this nation. When it is securely locked on there place, under there control, doing their will, the country is perfect, divine, and unquestionable. But when it isn't... We have all heard the stories about students after Kennedy's assassination, Kids in the South, having heard the president was dead, and being brought up to just hate him, cheered. How far we have come. What is the cry? We want OUR country back?

They attacks on the government by conservatives have been constant. And the business with the Olympics is the clearest view of just how angry, how blind, and kick to stupidity they are now.

Upon hearing of the USA's loss, the ringing cheers from across the conservative world was just deafening. From all the standard voices on the radio glee was heard as new money that could have come to this country went elsewhere. As those jobs evaporated bloggers and "news"people danced jigs. It was glorious to them.

What was? Obama's loss. It wasn't his to lose. Though the AP is eager to suggest it. One story they did is pretty much as excuse to rad out talking points for attacking Obama in the frame of the Olympics. They even did a story about Chicago being whipped showing a down turned faced Obama beside the words...Charming.

But we are left with many images of conservatives betraying there blind view. During a conference over defending the American dream, they rushed to announce the loss, so the delegates get hoot and yell for joy...I guess winning Olympic glory isn't on their dream list. And the Weekly Standard rushed out a web story saying with exclamation points that Chicago loses. Apparently overjoyed at the idea. It was quickly removed, but not before we all saw where conservatives heads Obama losing.

Now does that sound like a Party of No to you?

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