Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cruel History

I saw another show on History Channel that has just bugged me. I was turning passed it all hour, uninterested, but stopped there at the end. The show, Biblical Disasters.

Heaven help us. Sure they have a lot of crap on that I let pass without comment. But at the end, in the midst of some religious comments was this, paraphrased, DISASTERS ARE GOD'S WAY OF BRINGING US CLOSER TO OUR NEIGHBORS.

Join with me brothers and sisters, FUCK YOU. I actually wished I had seen it now. Did they give us a nice spin on the Noah flood wiping out all human life, but for this family, that quickly interbred...which I guess brought them all closer. Disaster in Sodom? It did being a far closer daughter-father-daughter dynamic.

The point is they showed all these clips of disaster and suffering and said, "Gee, it clears away the structures around us so we see and appreciate each other, talk to each others, and rely on each other." Uh...yeah. As we bury my only child we can get to chatting. While we struggle to find food or medicine, I can get to know your hobbies. Let's all turn those frowns upside down.

Now a positive attitude and community can be vital to make it through hardships, but to try and make it seems like a gift, a divine gift...and to make it your History Channel shows epilogue...FUCK YOU.

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