Thursday, October 08, 2009

Halloween: Sexy edition

In a list of stories of interest on Feministing was the yearly favorite, show Halloween is used to try to get women to dress up exclusively as sexy ___. It is truly ridiculous. In the link they offer they have a number of of choices including a Finding Nemo (really!) number and a sex...I mean female ghostbusters outfit. The outfit should be a baggy uniform and a proton pack. But apparently I am wrong, and it needs to be very tight and show lots of cleavage...and the list goes on. But really, it makes it seem like Halloween is about creating images for guys ogling women, not for people to dress up and have fun (and, yes, there is more than one type of fun). It is sad. Why not let the ladies dress up in baggy outfits? Or just look grisly? Or be weird?

A good send up of all of this is found in this video. All that can be said is sexy mustard, and frog.

It can all almost ruin the fun of Halloween, but screw 'em. It's bigger than them. Let's take it back.

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