Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gaza Worries

AMERICAblog notes a new legal turn in the Hamas controlled regions, i.e. Gaza.

Bringing out the inner knuckle-dragger whether they like it or not. The Guardian:
For the first time since Hamas won Palestinian parliamentary elections nearly four years ago, the group is trying to Islamise Gazan society. In public, Hamas leaders say they are merely encouraging a social moral code, and insist they are not trying to imitate the religious police who operate in some other rigid Islamic countries. But to many it feels like a new wave of enforcement in what is already a devoutly Muslim society.


The example they give is a group including women who took a swim, in their clothing. When they got out the police (should we call them the religious police now?) met them and challenged the women as to where their male controllers (fathers or husbands) were? And then they beat the crap out of the men there. I have been willing to give Hamas some credit and room to get a stable government going, but this is just wrong and beyond the pale. If they want to screw secular society for religious ends, what are we left with?

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