Saturday, October 03, 2009

More with the History Channel

Well. I just had the ol' History Channel on. They had, surprise, a show on Hitler.

But as the show went from his psychic to the cults to the symbols taken on they noted something else as well.

They suggested that Hitler sought to become the second antichrist set out by Nostradamus...

If you remember the last post on this channel I noted the silly show they had on about the three alleged antichrist of Nostradamus. I sought it was damn silly there. But here is that phrase used to tie Nostradamus and people of note implied to be major players seen in quatrains. I am assuming this is the show I noted The Nostradamus Effect, about current events and quatrains colliding.

So having the phrase this just a new meme now being passed around by Nostradamus true believers? Is this the new schtick, meaning like other updates they will act as if this thinking was the way they approached for ages and that it makes perfect sense fitting in snugly?

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