Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Texas Death Penalty

PZ Myers looks at a chilling tale of just how Texas uses the authority to end lives.
The story of Cameron Todd Willingham (via Digby) ought to be read by everyone.

He was an unpleasant guy accused of killing his kids by burning his house down.

Pretty bleak. He was executed for the murders.

Trouble is...he was innocent. Now that is a statement in itself about how unfair executions are.

But worse was the actions of the prosecutor in the case.
...You have to watch these videos of Judge John Jackson (he was prosecutor in the case, and is now a judge). He openly admits that the evidence for arson was weak, and that he looked at the circumstances to determine Willingham's guilt. Those circumstances? Willingham was a low-class ruffian with tattoos of skulls who like heavy metal music. Therefore, he was probably a satanist. Therefore, he probably killed his children.

And this seems to be how just part of the Texas approach to the law. When people try to appeal the hostility to overturning is overwhelming. Texas, what's wrong with some justice?

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