Sunday, September 20, 2009

Midnight fun rises from the grave...

Hmm, so there are still midnight monster movies still available on TV?

There seems to be one around here, Midnight Monster Hop. I may have taken note of it before, but I finally, saw it on the schedule and checked out just what it was. It is just like the shows of old. B-Movie horror. Hosts in costume. Comedy Skits. Tonight the one they did was a favorite, Horror Express...ah, Lee and Cushing as rival scientist teaming up against the terror.

I have long lamented the change in how are media on the US operates. Where once there were plenty of independent channels, and what's more NBC, CBS, and ABC stations that were not full of national shows, infomercials, and reality TV, it was possible to have a stock of quirky shows. There were the Babylon 5's, Tales From the Darkside's, and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, for example. And also there was a spot for the late night monster show (the predecessors of the beloved MST3K). It seemed we were doomed to see no more Elviras or Sir Graves Ghastlys.

But I am proven wrong here (and it can be noted online that their are a number of opportunities to see different shows around the country). This show looks to come out of PA. Apparently the people doing the show run a haunted house in Uniontown and decided to produce some shows. What they have so far produced are now widely available and used by the RTV (Retro TV)network, which seems to show reruns, and at least here, runs most all day, though some say it is just at night for them. But looks to offer every Saturday late night (here at 10PM) 2 hours of horror and humor, which is appreciated.

Here is the shows intro.

And, just like its antecedents, it realizes on a heavy dose of corny humor (Anyone watch Elvira?).

I am glad to see this around and readily available. It is nice to see that things in this vein are not trapped to the weeks leading to Halloween. Much like pumpkin ice cream and shakes, this type of entertainment should be around all year long.

So if you are missing out on these shows, check and see if you can catch it, or if there is another in your area.

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