Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ah, sweet history

What is it with the History Channel?

Oh sure they are the Hitler and Conspiracy network in all the jokes.

But these shows just seem to be getting worse.

For example, right now they are on their third of a trifecta of crappy conspiracy/doomsday shows. You should check them out to believe them.

First was the Da Vinci Apocalypse show. It seems, you see, that hidden in his works are...Jesus? Secret Societies? ...not just that, also his prophecies about the doom of the world. Haven't you seen the tousled hair in the many works, like some one submerged in water! Also he wrote a lot of dark riddles (no renamed prophecies) that were dark and about tragic ends...because he foresaw what was to come...TODAY! Yeah, all about the here and now, you would of thought it? They do slightly point to him being worried about history and human nature, and things he saw in his youth, but in the end it is all about what did he foresee?

Next was the Three Antichrist. That's right three, tres, three strikes. Now, I have NEVER heard of that. Sure there have been claims that the antichrist is coming, or had come, but now the people peddling the Nostradamus drek have a new spin. When people thought Napoleon was it, he was. And when they thought Hitler was, they were right to. Cause there are THREE. I don;t recall them pointing to a three count in the quatrains...but hey! Of course all the information is clear and concise on the first two...but the last one is shrouded...hmmm, wonder why? What triple tripe.

And if that trifecta wasn't enough on its own. They now have on their new show the Nostradamus Effect. This show will be looking at prophecies and how they match current events, and that means...the Nostradamus Effect (no doubt already trademarked by the History Channel). So now the channel is making up new terms to drum up fear and support woo...

Thanks guys, you are all a real credit. Is UFO Hunters on tonight?

I wanted to point to something I also noticed in watching the History Channel. When this trifecta was first on I was struck by a look at the build up of Hitler. This was due to all the ways people support the contention that Obama is a Hitler type. What is notable was the use of fear, hate, and paranoia to drive support and action. Now, I can't say it is altogether comparable, but of the sides arguing in the public square today one is clearly tapping into these sensibilities, while the other doesn't seem to be.

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