Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Climate Claims

Crooks and Liars point to Paul Krugman's warnings about the surging attacks by conservatives over climate change legislation.

Seems trying to sell it as a threat to the economy is going to be the main tact. No doubt they will also explain it is also about the president's evil plot and will lead to indoctrination and camps! OOOwwww!

Krugman sees this economic ruin idea as suspect:
So where do the apocalyptic warnings about the cost of climate-change policy come from?

He explains more, but after a summer of screaming and freak outs, don't we know the corners it all will be crawling out from?

I also wanted to add what I was seeing on CNBC. They were talking to Jim Kramer. And he was "telling it like it is." Meaning that to deal with being greener means letting waste be dispersed without restriction... But the better part was his concern over health care reform, namely the fate of insurance companies. If the public option draws people in...what about the insurance industry! Now that's being focused on the wrong victim.

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