Thursday, September 17, 2009

Historical snark

There does not seem to be an end to the things that make one want to pull there hair out and scream. So let us all relax with some laughs.

Popcorn and Chain mail is back after a long hiatus. They are a group of historians that take pains to humorously rip into historical films for the ridiculous portrayals of people, places, and events. They give a good laugh as they rip into peoples attempts to remake history to there own ends.

There latest feast is The Other Boleyn Girl - a story that takes one sister that slept around and makes her a virgin heroine and the other a social climber and makes her the nasty villain, all the while botching history all the more.


Birth of Anne's child.

Anne: What is it?

cutecoati: Cate Blanchett.

Anne: Wah!

Thomas Boleyn: Uhh, Your Majesty, not quite the son you expected… but she named the girl Elizabeth, after your mother!

fourth_rose: The Queen names the King's child without even consulting him?

King: If we can have a healthy daughter, we can have a healthy son.

cloudlessnights: As proven during his first marriage, I guess.


Anne: *freaks out*

Mary: I'd so roll my eyes at you if that weren't way too dynamic and lively for me.

Norfolk: Okay, if her second pregnancy goes wrong too, I'd better prepare the next candidate. Miss Seymour, a word, please?


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