Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conservative Discourse 101

Hey, how does Conservative media view the world around it? Through Obama-colored glasses of course.

Bad joke? Yeah. But all too true as well.

You see! Obama = Chicago = Corruptions = Gangs = Evil = Olympics = Destroys America! It all fits!

From Crooks and Liars:
The right has been seizing on the brutal murder of a teen, Derrion
Albert, in Chicago by feuding gang members. Reports are that Albert just
happened to walk into the fight and became a fatality of it.


All the conservative hacks always line up, Drudge, Malkin, and on down the line.

Then you have the likes of John L. Perry. He wrote on Newsmax's site that the nation needs a military coup again the president (A bloodless one, so I guess that would make it okay, huh?). How is this in anyway okay? Newsmax tried to disavow the guy. But he has been with them a long time, and was a senior editor. How about the loathsome Facebook poll?

Then you have the Phyllis Schlafly crowd. One speaker, Werthmann, apparently from around here, did the continuing comparison of Obama and Hitler. Apparently supporting universal health care, women's rights, and taxes increases (I guess when Republicans raise taxes it doesn't count.) are signs of the antichr...I mean fascism (Those shows from earlier are still in my head.). This leads into her main point, if only we had enough is any of this not creepy and chilling. How is this not revolting to hear?!

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