Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One more guy

I would have added this on the end of the last post...but this one is going to run for president again and needs to be noted.

You see at the meeting of conservatives noted in the last post, Schlafly also spoke, and warned about the nasty attacks on marriage. One part the gays and another, larger part, feminists. Those homosexuals are always trouble, and those, ewwww, women wanting equality...BOOO!

But that is the crude this woman has peddled for years. Yet there to applaud her as she was awarded American Hero of the Century (this one or last?) was one Mike Huckabee.

The trouble with Mike is that he for a long while, going into the last election, played himself as the affable and friendly conservative. He wasn't a bad guy, or out to get you...

Crooks and Liars list his recent interesting positions including using Kennedy's death to sell death panels and ignoring of state supreme court rulings.

Hopefully people can see him more clearly now.

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