Monday, November 09, 2009

Halloween's End

Eve's End?

I wanted to get back on sooner..but...

So I missed the Christian killjoys scaring kids about candy.

I do love is creepy and spooky, and people like to have fun, dress up, and just go for that certain motif. Then the next day it is dead to everyone. The back to back shows on various channels and the movie marathons go away...though these days they do pop up more often as a way to fill up hours (and I've got DVD's and the Internet). Still it is a little sad to see it pass. Kind of like the Christmas season, and it's merriment and friendliness that seems to fade the next day (But bills and handovers do that.).

So thanks to the likes of SNL we get bits and pieces to keep the feeling alive.

i09 has a sketch from last week with a rival for the Twilight movie and book dreck.

Anytime there is some poking at that series is great. And finally Frankenstein('s monster) gets his.

But the comments point to some great videos parodying/mocking some more.

First a great mocking of the poor vampire who can't share his love normally...and what it is really all about.

The other is from G4 with the AOTS gang reminding all the people out there with hearts a flutter over moody vamps just what crude that idea is.

I love that last one. The love of the vamps is one that is just plain weird...have you every seen the Twilight groupies express there thoughts on being with a vampire...? A lot of them are excited about it and about getting "taken." Are you freaking kidding me? It really crystallized for me watching Queen of the Damn (yeah I saw the film and admit to it.). At one point the female "protagonist" is going gaga over Lestat and wants to be with him, and just all in awe. He tries to explain what crap her opinion is on this...and he gets to the point he charges a nearby woman and prepares to kill and drain her...and this brain trust, watching is shocked and confused and can't believe he would do this...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! He's a vampire, unless shown otherwise in a story...that is about all a vampire does. What fricking idiots...

So, yeah, I like that second vid...

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