Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CNN wishes to welcome the Republican overlords.

If you keep an eye on the media and/or the RNC you will have heard about the upheaval in the RNC. Particularly in their communications teams, where the Senior Communications Advisor has left. Well in the wake of this event they have called up one Alex Castellanos to take on the role. You may remember him as a regular mouthpiece on CNN throughout the day. He is a Republican mouthpiece, as well as he works with the Chamber of Commerce and the Health Insurance Plans. In all three roles he is called on or paid to attack the presidents agenda, particularly health care.

But now that he is with the RNC, he is leaving CNN. I mean, he is an active official higher up operative of the core of one of this nation's two main political parties. If anything that is a line that can't be crossed and still serve as a constant, and generally unquestioned, voice on CNN. Right? NO. So CNN wants the talk radio people off, except when they do, to get in some more thoughtful conversations, and independent analysis, like with communications advisor for the RNC, or Orly Tates. Great.

So, yes, CNN only wishes to welcome their new overlords.

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