Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moral choices

PZ Myers saw a great bit of moral thought from the think tank Answers in Genesis.

Is it immoral to lie? WHat's more, if a lie saves lives, isn't it better to act, even in a lie, to save lives. The classic example is that of Nazi's searching for Jewish refugees and they demand to know if you know where they are. Knowing as you do, do you lie and keep them safe that much longer, or do you refuse dishonesty?

AiG has the answer. Don't lie. Read their explanation. It says it all about faith and religion.

... So, is the greater good trusting God when He says not to lie or trusting in our fallible, sinful minds about the uncertain future? ...

See? Maybe they will get caught anyway...and YOU LIED! God told you not to lie, and when has He ever led you wrong? Beside with God/Jesus in charge they know what they are doing and will protect those that need it when it is needed...Really! The classic, if you are saved it was meant, if you suffer it was meant. What a cods wallop!

But it explains so much.

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