Thursday, November 26, 2009

Catholic Church, always doing the lord's work

Crooks and Liars has an interesting look at the trouble that Catholics have had in politics due to perceptions that they were not loyal first to the Constitution. And also how Bishop Tobin, as he does his media charm offensive, is just making those old fears seem strangely prescient. Bishops trying to give walking orders to legislators is just not a good look with a cassock. Catholic politicians have come a long way to the point of the 3 Kennedy brothers, among others. He seems fine to play a part in being the caricature now.

Also of note are the large amounts of monetary support the Church is giving...survivors of pedophilia?...oh, no, to campaigns against same-sex marriage. This is the Church that is shutting down parishes. This is the Church that often claims poverty when victims of it appear, or challenge them in court, or when, in one example, a woman has a child with a priest and needs help and the church just doesn't have the funds (but does have real estate, nice clothes, cars, nice watches, etc, etc.).


See how far the Church reaches, with compassion, to defend marriage? See the ends they go for there brethren? See how far they reach for harmed or endangered children?

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