Monday, November 23, 2009

Todd and Matthews

Crooks and Liars looks how annoying Chuck Todd is, and to an extent how that allows him to represent the nauseating way the village works.

(Though I have to admit I am not always clear on just what the Village is? I understand the Beltway, as being those living in Washington D.C. The MSM, main stream media, being those buried in the minutia and games of that industry. But the village...I like to assume that it is a reference to The Prisoner, and people like Todd and many in of the bearers of the conventional wisdom are trapped in the village, insulated and living a fantasy/illusion.)
Back to Todd. As he looked at the vote this weekend on health care he just didn't get it and was annoyed. Who cares if Dems when a vote? Big deal. But as noted, it is. It would be a death knell, as declared by the Villagers. The media wants the story, and the village needs its scandal. And likewise they looked at Bush. If Bush hadn't swayed some Dems over, would it be read as a dire loss? Hell no. That's not how it works. Conventional wisdom won't let it be.

Which is why I like added Chris Matthews in. Cause he has his good says, where he holds people to support there claims. But other times facts just don't matter. He sees studies and polls, and says well people were afraid to say what they really thought. Because that is what conventional wisdom dictates. Or when he looks a groups, like Hispanics, declares they are naturally Republicans...cause they open businesses and bodegas... Also throughout the summer, with Todd as his sidekick, they waved away any sort of public option as a real choice, a real chance, or worth serious talk. Conventional wisdom demands it shall not be...IT SHALL NOT BE!!! Now it is a bit embarrassing for him and others, it is still here (For how long, we will see.). And, I imagine, like many other conventional wisdom claims of the past, it will just be ignored...until things go the other way and then it will be back.

All of this bluster does no one any good. It doesn't clarify the debate, push through to deeper issues, or properly engage the audience.

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