Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rising bile

Among conservatives there has been a drive that ha seemed to just draw out the worst in many people.

ADL report on tide of anti-Obama rage calls out Glenn Beck as 'fearmonger in chief'

The ADL is one group that is watching and growing ever more concerned at the nasty and vicious tone that is becoming all too commonplace in discourse.

You can just look to a chat O'Reilly and Beck had on the radio recently where O'Reilly suggested that, due to taxes their would be revolt and Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be bobbing about in Boston Harbor soon. It was a crude and lame allusion to the Boston Tea Party, but it comes off as a physical threat of violence. It even seemed to take Beck aback, for once. But it is part and parcel of Beck's shtick...remember when had the poor woman who worked for him where a Pelosi mask? And then told her to drink some poison? Not real, of course, but it is the imagery that these guys are is sick.

And we can see the results, militias are charging back.

CNN parachutes in to Michigan to interview militiamen

The analysis is not that deep and rather soft on a group arming and dressing up in and waiting...

As scary are the neo-nazis. Who are feeling there oats, and finding conservatives a more friendly audience for their usual crap.

Crooks and Liars coverage

This is not good news, but the media seems oddly idle in reacting to this creeping nastiness. Worse conservatives seem happy to see motivated potential voters, crackpots, bigots, and gun toters, or not.


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