Monday, November 09, 2009

Who do we work with?

Thematically this is a bit like a point I made in a previous post.

The Church, the Catholic Church, the ones that hate gays, but love the kiddies...

They have been active. First they led the charge to strip away gay rights in Maine, after taking a background role in California. This follows on trying to get Anglican bigots globally to come on in, and after embracing Holocaust deniers again. Good image.

This past week or so they have also took an interest in health care in America. Namely pushing to use health care reform to further remove women to access to reproductive control.

AMERICAblog says it best:

"Members of Congress and the Obama administration have to decide just how closely they want to align with the protectors of pedophiles."

As it is the president and White House have been more than neutral on gay rights, with the Justice Department attacking the rights. The DNC in promoting voting in Maine, ignored suggesting voting to protect gay rights. Then we get a speech.

I have been willing to wait on many of these issues that we Dems believe in. We needed stimulus and health care reform. But the stimulus was widdled down and health care is being compromised into a potential boondoggle. Is this what the fight for the rights of American was put aside for? Weak reform and stricter controls on abortion access? As has been noted by some news commentators, under 8 years of Bush and nearly 6 years of Republican legislative control, reproductive rights were left untouched. (Granted under Obama the Global Gag Rule is gone.) Why are we ceding our positions still? [INSERT Capt. Picard's Falling Back and Drawing a Line In the Sand speech from First Contact HERE.]

Or Here.

And the counterpoint defending limited rights for women and less business regulation.

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