Monday, November 23, 2009

What? Catholic Bishops trying to dicatate public policy?

In the wake of the pressure, people, and money the CC brought into stripping away gay rights, or sending operatives to the House of Representatives to make demands on how the health are bill was drafted. you likely aren't surprised the interference continues on.

They seem to be trying some pressure on congress folk through denial of communion. Rep. Kennedy of RI has been banned by a bishop in his state. Granted others are saying when asked it is wrong, but this is not an original ploy. For years now Congress has been threatened in this way by Catholic leaders. Every big election or vote some of the more antediluvian of the lot dig themselves out of the ground and start uttering there threats. Abortion...blah blah blah. Never let's not continue this war, or else. No, end the death penalty, or else. And with health care they, like some of the blue dogs, feel they may have the sway to dictate terms to America. Why are they tax exempt. And what about the Mormons and evangelicals? How many of them are also giving parishioners sheets with email, addresses, and phone numbers to use? We are...a secular nation still, right?

Because as it is the Catholics are already bragging about the pressure they plan to bring on to the Senate, and how they will be sending folk in to "lobby." They are drunk on there smugness, power, and sense of entitlement to draft this countries laws. No unelected body should feel the right, no religious institution, no think tank, no corporation.

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