Monday, November 23, 2009

Always the liberal

I am glad to see this being pointed out more and more.

Ruth Marcus, of the Washington Post, suggested today it is time for all of those liberals to just shut up and pass a bill that conservatives want. I like the response in the post.

Crooks and Liars:


It's always the liberals who need to compromise their positions to the conventional wisdom of the Villagers. The Gang of Four are all righteous and virtuous while liberals are out-of-control hippies who act like barking dogs. How dare they want to produce a real reform measure that could eventually provide true competition for the health care industry and that will help lower overall health care costs? Outrageous!

Time and again, liberals need to back down.

Should we go to war? Shut up, liberals you don't have a clue.
Should we cut taxes, or raise expenditures? Liberal, quit it with your naive pie in the sky rants.
Should we reform health care? Liberals need to let a bill pass, so suck it up.

Anyone else sick of conventional wisdom?

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