Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On the treatment of women

FOX News and the rest of the conservative mouths have been trying, since the entrance of Palin on to the national stage, to sell the idea that liberals are mean to, and just don't care for, women.

Laughable, yes. But they have also been trying to claim they are the defender of current social programs, civil rights, and actually the one that passed the Civil Rights Act (arm in arm with Martin Luther King, Jr,).

So when they see Palin facing criticism they scream. It's unfair to say she is not qualified, not intellectually engaged, or or acts vapid. Why not? We mostly said the same of the last president as we saw he swagger around, make stupid comments, and just seem board with his job too often.

Now to be fair there is unfair treatment. Mocking her looks is cheap. And the way Ann Coulter is gone after for ridiculous allegations that she is not a women. It is stupid, insulting, and beneath anyone who wants to claim they are in the process of making serious arguments. The same with Limbaugh a cracks at his enormous gut. They all have so much wrong with their ideas, words, and actions. It would take lifetime to go through a critique of just their personal attitudes and claims. But it is easy to just make mockery of the other sort. And I see plenty of that online, and sometimes in the media. Olbermann had a bad habit of making comments about women's looks, but I think I have not heard him dip into that depth in awhile.

But as the link above points to, you can see all the nastiness FOX throws at women that are Dems.

And just recently Limbaugh and Beck have found a new one. Calling a female senator who deals to get support for her state a hooker. Classy Beck. Lieberman is blocking reform for all the money being passed straight to him, not his state. Yet he is not going to be tarred with this epitaph, is he? Certainly not in any media stop on any network where he makes his obstructionist arguments.

Palin is challenged over her seriousness, and she quits jobs, does some social networking, and tours with a book that's 90% vindictiveness. Her acts day after day speak volumes. Senator from LA does as legislators do (for good or ill) and get aid for her state's citizens, and that is a unique and shocking act of prostitution. Tell me what, Beck. How about the Reps that added money for their communities in the Stimulus Bill or in Health Care (Like Orrin Hatch and the money that is going to go to the Christian Scientist), and then vote against it. What's that make them?

What's that make them, Beck?

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