Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the muslims

As we are seeing now, the "True Americans" are feeling the need to go after Muslims. It has been an undercurrent, but as teabagging tries and legitimize, it is more in vogue (along with supremacist and militias, ....).

Tom Coburn Joins Campaign Against Muslim Group

It seems more in Congress are comfortable going after Muslim groups as illegitimate. I notice there is not a similar call for the Catholic Church that had its people in the Speaker's office making demands on the health care bill, among other moves across the country. Doesn't count?

Palin On Muslim Profiling: 'I'm All For It'

Apparently Muslims, all of them, need to be the blacks, etc.

In looking at this, it is why I am leery of skeptics and atheist allying themselves too quickly. There are issues in how some Muslims act, positions taken, and support given. But to try and isolate, physically, legally, socially is just dangerous. For some atheist and secular groups there has been a move to pointedly suggest the media can't shy away from the the Islamic aspect of the events at Fort Hood. And it is true. But the other risk is to let that just block the view of and discussion of the other aspects as well. There are those that want Islam to act out in the U.S. But we are also nearly ten years in to a state of war. We are stretching the armed forces to the breaking point. We are filling the gaps in the military with those that in the past we would have passed on. And holding on to those we would have dropped (While still getting rid of the icky gays still.). Criticism can't be allowed to blind us to the risk of what some of the people we might agree with on one issue to bigger problems.

Look at Charles Krauthammer. He is a psychiatrist, he opposes alt med and intelligent design. Sounds good. But if you listen to what he says all week long on Fox News you see something else. He is a constant siren of warning again Obama, Dems, liberals, and anything that isn't on the side he is cheer leading. He makes claims all the time that have no bearing in real data, actual events, or the opinions he is shoving into peoples mouths. Do we want to stand with him because we agree on ID and alt med? Or is 99.9999% of the rest that is way of kilter a concern? I think it is. And it calls into question how he reached the points we do agree on.

That is a question we should always ask.

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