Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Glenn Beck: Alex Jones done proud

Beck continues to play to the fear, the hate, and the paranoia.

Crooks and Liars has a nice video, at the bottom of this link (their are 2 vids the second one is a 10 minute one that is the compilation) that compiles a lot of the top notch crazy of Beck over the last year.

But the first vid looks at a clip from a business show where a guest lays out a scenario of collapse and new world order. Looking the guy up you can quickly find he has done the Alex Jones show, which just gives you such cred. But it also explains why his and Beck's views are so in sync. They are all of that Alex Jones mindset.

Now I think Beck is largely just bullshit and shtick. He is playing at it, I think. But while he role plays playing with gas and matches on his show. He is largely doing that with the thinking and impetus of his audience. Just like Jones. Liberal in power means commie dangers. Conservatives are in, do you hear the goosestepping?

Which leads to a quick criticism of some liberals. During the Bush years Jones went after Bush and Cheney in his paranoid, evidence free way. Like he did to Clinton before him. And a lot of Libs jumped on board. It feed into there worst fears and opinions of Bush and Reps. Now that Obama is in, the ire has shifted to attacking him and liberals. And some liberals that followed on Jones thoughts are shocked. But what do you expect? He fights for the sake of continuing the fight. As well there are those that embrace the thinking. If you are going to follow the ideas and thinking of people like Jones, or Beck, you are being pathetic.

They rail against power and wealth to fulfill an image of heroic valor. When they don't get an audience they are what they truly are. Nutters cursing at passersby on the street.

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