Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ain't Enough

In the fight over health care and similar issues there has been pressure from many conservative Dems to concede and concede and concede.

One Example:
Corporatist Dems: Let Us Gut Medicare and Social Security, or We'll Sabotage Health-Care Bill

Sherrod Brown, in the Senate, ponders...and what are you compromising to us? What ground are you giving?

With the Stupak-Pitts amendment, there is a DEMAND...and ultimatum. Pass it all the way to law exactly the way we want...OR ELSE...

And there is a certain sense that...gosh...liberals better's only pragmatic. What? Liberals aren't overturning the Hyde amendment. Liberals aren't strengthening women's access to abortion services. Liberals are leaving things exactly where they have been since the 70's. But that ain't good enough, is it? We need to give more, to be fair.

Like with health care reform. Before the beginning single payer was tossed out. And a public option was gone, until some in Congress and many of us outside made it clear we weren't having that shit. And then it was watered compromise. And it ain't enough. More and more. And you know what the Reps say? Even with the changes, they will still vote no. And the Conservative Dems? Who knows? But they want concessions. They want it trimmed back, they want no public aspect. They want to make abortion access even more limited...just to be fair and compromise.

What do they offer in return, these democrats. There part of the deal is to actually work for the democratic as meager a manner as possible. Anemic results. Feeble ends.

Is this good enough?

And for those core constituencies of the party tossed aside for a handful of faithless votes? What of them?

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