Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Media: The Stand

Mark Halperin made a telling and also unsurprising point.

Apparently when Obama makes his stand on where to take operations in Afghanistan, he shouldn't be seen with Dems. He should be seen with Reps.

Which, I think, should be read in the way conservatives have been speaking, just do what we tell you to do.
Halperin: Imagine two scenarios—he announces it standing there by himself, or with Democrats (gasp!) when he makes this decision, or imagine him standing there with John McCain, or other prominent Republicans on national security. It paints such a different picture if he’s with the Republicans.

The assumption is FAR TOO OFTEN the standard with the beltway/village that you have to do what Reps think on National Security...cause...cause...we told you to! The last 8 years of conservative/Republic thinking on security hasn't been enough? Mayve the media could stop acting like they were born yesterday and stop taking the macho posturing of Reps as some sort of sensibility.

Yeah, stand beside those guys who joke about bombing the region he is setting policy, beside people who seem eager to make snide comments about the region and local religion...yeah what an image. And what has happen in the past when he reaches out, as the sage Halperin is suggesting? They try and twist his words and stab him in the back.

Go back to your cocktail party, Mark.

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