Thursday, November 26, 2009

TV: About the Gays

Ah, the liberal media.

Now apparently we just had one of those awards shows on the TV, this one for music. Who care. I don't. But as part of them you get to see some of the top artist do what they do best (in theory). Among those that performed at this particular awards show was one Adam Lambert (formerly of American Idol). I am guessing his career is going well, and this was a chance to show his craft.

Good for him. Bad for him though is the fact that he apparently, as part of the show showed affection to others on stage. That's not new, but it was...another man. That is beyond the pale. Remember Madonna and Britney Spears kissing? Remember the horror? Remember it being blotted from memory and records? No? Seen it on TV or in a magazine some time, or numerous times since?

Guess what, it isn't the same here. No. A dude kissed another dude. That breaks dude law, totally. So what happen...beyond the disgust at all the dirtiness.

ABC's morning show had Lambert booked to come on and play. Guess who was no longer welcome at ABC?

But then CBS snatched him up for there morning show. Guess what they did, as a bold progressive voice? They blurred the image of the kiss. But it is a morning show, they were careful...oh, they showed the Madonna/Spears kiss without a second thought, unedited?


What's the message there?

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