Monday, November 16, 2009

Spewing the hate

Crooks and Liars: Cheney Worried About Terrorists Having a 'Public Platform Where They Can Spew Venom'

Apparently Liz Cheney is upset that when alleged terrorist are brought to trial in the US, it means that their evil will be spit upon out nation.

Yes, she fails to see the irony. If you have listened to her speak over the last year, it has all been bitter bile and hate. And she hasn't been alone. Conservatives and Republicans have raced forward to lob rhetorical grenades at the base of the great American experiment.

Attacked viciously by conservatives:
  • President/Presidency
  • Congress
  • The court system
  • Education
  • Military
  • Various minority groups
  • Science
  • Medicine
  • History
  • Reality
  • Common sense
But they are largely not violent. But there have been some moments, and they have, in there words, given some cover to sentiments, fears, and paranoia. See the rifles and handguns at protest. And as we have seen the militias are growing up again, Aryan and white power groups seem to be making a similar comeback. Guns and ammo are flying out the shelf. And then there are the mouth pieces that have suggested the need for violence against the government and even terrorist attack...again words from conservatives that get national coverage.

This is all worse than irony.

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