Monday, November 30, 2009

Sometimes it can be hard to be liberal

As a liberal and a skeptic you run into many silly ideas. Just read Huffington Post.

But one really troubling area is with food. Have a way to feed people better in places that it is hard to grow food? Great! We have genetically modified this wheat. WHAT! Genetic! That's poison! We have a great method to improve food safety. Wow! We need that!

Now there's lab created meat. Or vat grown meat. If you can't stand the thought of the way cows or chickens are treated in meat production, this seems like a great way to still create a food source. But I have heard, again, some liberals get freaked out. Listen, this is still being experimented on. We are still a bit away from anyone tasting, or selling this. But first reaction seems negative. There is just a fear of things that are "unnatural". Maybe we will find more positive reactions down the line, as more info comes out. Personally, I am leery, but that is because I am particular about my meat. If it tastes good it will be different. But I love a good steak, roast chicken, and cured ham.

Here is a great bit of comedy from the fun new series Better Off Ted discussing growing meat. (Though some may remember an earlier episode of the series Eureka that dealt with chicken breast being grown.)

Back to point. There is just too much fear of science. Which is why we need to be more open and active. Conspiracy theorist, woo peddlers, and alt med promoters need challenging in progressive politics. We are seeing many of these people impacted policy and law, like Harkin with promoting alt med, and Kerry and Kennedy helping Hatch get prayer treatment covered. Get active!

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