Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beck meets the African Americans

Crooks and Liars makes note of Glenn Becks attempts to understand blacks in America. Through bringing, presumably, all of the black conservatives in the United States in one room to represent.

Among is thoughts, why do blacks call themselves often African Americans, as he doesn't point out his whiteness.
... Had Beck even a smidgen of American history, particularly pertaining to civil rights, he'd know that white Americans for most of the decades of the past century used the word "American" and "real American" almost exclusively to refer to white people -- and that this motif lingers even today (see, e.g., Sarah Palin's references to "real Americans" during the campaign -- speaking before small-town, all-white audiences). ...
One of the best points to emerge is the idea that came from the group that conservatism and Christianity have been vital to success in the African American community....which ignores the work of atheist, secularist, Jews, liberals, etc in the work to fight for freedom, rights, and the later defense and maintenance of success in the black community and the United States in general. So conservatives wanted to up heave society and end slavery? They wanted to alter things to ensure the civil rights movements success? How about the conservatives of the black community when MLK Jr started? Weren't they the ones telling him to shut up and not make trouble?

If you want to be conservative or Christian fine. But don't rewrite history to make yourself it's hero.

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