Thursday, November 26, 2009

And media joins in...

IN an earlier post I noted Limbaugh and Beck were eager to go after Sen. Landrieu as a hooker for making a deal for Louisiana to ensure her vote. It was cheap, and completely predictable from those two.

But wait, now the media wants in to. Not the radio side chat lot, but the legit know, the one that bloggers are too far beneath and so much more immature then.

Mark Halperin of Time magazine on his The Page blog at Time, a picture of Landrieu with her hair stuck up in the air akin to a well known image of Cameron Diaz in the movie There's Something About Mary. In the film the hair is at an odd angle due to accidentally getting semen in her hair. It is a cheap, but well remembered joke from the movie, and Halperin applying now, while discussing her dealing over her vote seems to dovetail quite nicely into the Beck and Limbaugh sensibilities.

It's cheap, ill thought, and really reminds one of all the crappy analysis and digs he has been taking for the past few years. He feels more symptomatic than accidental.

Look at the attitude he strikes when sitting around on set with Joe Scarborough. His and Joe's analysis of the president come down to this...he's acting too liberal. He's all so polarizing. That's right, too liberal. How many liberals do they actually think that he's been remotely liberal in his work this year? Apparently compromising is too liberal. Doing stimulus as a half measure is liberal, not fighting to get even a public option is liberal, and sending additional forces to Afghanistan is just liberal. Apparently Obama is forcing Reps to demagogue. This is his analysis. This is the analysis I expect from Charles Krauthammer or William Kristol, not an actual serious journalist.

Pathetic all around, Halperin.

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