Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are they thinking about electoral power?

TPM has noted that Lou Dobbs is actually thinking about standing for office. That sounds great...will he be on the Teabag ticket or the Fence Building one.

But is he alone? Look at Beck this weekend. At a rally he proclaimed that he had a 100 Year Plan, that he says is akin to the work of the modern Chinese government. (Which is weird on at least a few levels.) HE says it will be reveal next August. Now it is being read as a ploy to sell books.

But is that it? Or is he seeing this as a way to build up to a bigger run?

Dobbs is out and about, railing and musing a run for office. Palin has her book and tour, and looks to be revving for her run in 3 years. Is Beck next? Will the book express a lot of his trite thoughts and shallow ideas about how things should be? I mean, it comes out as the midterms rev up. Will he be coming out as the polls close to begin a march to try and lead a third party run for the presidency? What would he have to loose? His audience will love him all the more.

What will be happening?


Here is the video of Beck at the rally off of Crooks and Liars.

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